Ah... Tsu-ma-n-ne.
I’m leaving.


I don’t think I’ll say, “don’t treat that as a goodbye, treat it as a see you soon”, because I’m not even sure how it will proceed.

I’m leaving on a long, long trip, with no scheduled time to return.

I’ll search my own way, and… I’ll just go and try to find who I really am.

All the time I spent here, with everyone, from my followers to my singing colleagues, was one of the best in my whole life, if not, the best part of my life.

Don’t think I won’t miss you all, because I certainly will. I love you all, don’t forget this. I mean it from deep inside from my heart.

May our paths cross eventually, maybe?

- Ritsu

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I second that. After all, Ritsu and me are under the same roleplayer. Just pretend I wrote another goodbye note, and you’re ready to go! Sorry for the inconvenience…





"Haku..what do you like for Christmas?"

I got almost nothing… as always…

would you mind I drank sake to your health this new year? :D or would you rather just join me.

M-Maybe join you… But don’t tell Dell I did so… P-please…


「h e r e」
You're welcome!

A-ah, you’re the one who wrote t-that on my birthday… T-thank you…

Omg Haku you're the prettiest and sweetest ever. I love you<3 *O*

O-oh… I’ve been receiving some random compliments lately… T-thank you t-though…! >_<

BRS will accompany her. Ritsu will be there too. THEREFORE SHE WILL NOT BE ALONE.
I second BRS-san. We’ll surely be there.

O-oh… BRS-san, Ritsu-chan… *emotioned tears* Thanks to the both of you… R-really…